SaaS Ready

Launch your own SaaS platform in a few clicks, We are building a Cloud platform to run your own SaaS business with ease.


What's Included in Hastag Cloud Ready Platform?

Built on Kubernetes

Hastag Cloud has been built on robust Kubernetes platform for better stability, performance and scalability. This infrastructure can be easily auto-scaled as per requirements.

Load Balancer Included

For better sharing of resources and easy data management, we have included load balancers into our infrastructure.

SaaS Ready Platform

Hastag Cloud is a SaaS ready platform, whether you want to scale your existing business into SaaS or to start a new SaaS business, we are backing you!

Launch ERPNext

Launch your ERPNext in just one click. All Modules, Unlimited User, Better performance are some of the key features you get when you use ERPNext on Hastag Cloud.

One Click Install, Backup, Upgrade

Don't worry about installations when you want to host your apps on Hastag Cloud, we have given one-click install, upgrade, update and backup for your apps so that it's really easy for you to do any such activities.

Create Your Own Cloud

Bring your own existing infrastructure or create a new one. Hastag Cloud is offering you to create your own cloud, select the provider of your choice, setup of your own infra and we will give you DevOps support for your cloud.

Deploy, manage your own product instance with ease

a super powerful admin 


Flexible Plans

Choose a plan that works best for you

Price in USD
Price in INR
1 GB
1 GB
10 GB
2 GB
25 GB
4 GB
50 GB
4 GB
100 GB
8 GB
200 GB
8 GB
300 GB
12 GB
500 GB
12 GB

For Custom Plans 

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