How to choose a cloud wisely

Have you just started a business and worried about the implementation of the business software? Or you have an established business and want to change the business software? Whatever is the situation you might be dealing with, but one thing for sure is to choose your cloud wisely. Once you have chosen the right cloud platform for your business with due diligence, then the chances of changing it often diminish. So the right decision is vital to save the costs and time required in changing the software. 

When you look outside in the market, you’ll get enticed by several cloud providers. So it would not be wise to opt for the very first cloud you encounter. As a business owner, your selection of cloud providers should be based on the business’s requirements and what value it is bringing to the company. 

Unbreakable security

Security is the thing that you cannot compromise at any cost. So while selecting the best cloud provider for your business, this is one of the essential features of the cloud that you must keep in mind. There are three layers of the security system

  • Host
  • Network
  • Physical setup

The trustworthy cloud provider can manage the security at all of the above layers. Data protection should not be compromised at any rate. Features such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, firewalls, etc., should be part of the cloud’s security procedure. is the cloud platform to run your own SaaS business with ease. Its advanced services ensure the high levels of security of the data.

Backup facility

It is an important feature to look into the cloud provider. Every cloud provider will guarantee you a backup facility. Now the real question one might ask is how quick the backing up process is or up to what extent. The decent cloud service providers should be able to back up data daily. Most of the service providers will provide backup for 100 or more days. You can negotiate with them to increase the number of days. is the SaaS ready cloud-native platform that offers you to build and host your own SaaS platform with one-click installation and backup.

Accessibility and scalability

While choosing the best fit cloud, you need to know the ways of data accessibility on the cloud. It would help if you evaluated how the current work circumstances of your business will incorporate it. 

Businesses make progress, and like every business owner, you’ll want to make progress. So, the cloud you choose should be adaptable to the growing needs of the business. This property of the cloud is known as scalability. 

Business continuity and disaster recovery BCDR

Any unavoidable circumstance may happen that can lead to any disruption in the service. Cloud service providers must have the ability to tackle such issues and should be well aware of the risks that come in the way of business operations. So the ideal cloud providers can give data replication at numerous spots. No separate charges will be taken from you for this service. is a platform that will provide you the flexibility to choose your cloud service provider ( GCP, AWS Scaleway). This platform ensures disaster recovery. 

According to, Reasons for business enterprises for using cloud computing services in Japan as of December 2019 are as follows:

No need to keep assets/maintenance systems in the office =43.3%

Can use the service from anywhere with any device =40.9%

Enhances stable operation and availability =34.8%

Can be used as a data backup when natural disasters occur =30.8%

High trustworthiness of service (measures against information leak, etc.) =24.5%

Can quickly make a change to system capacity, etc. =23.4%

Cheaper than the existing systems =17.6%

High scalability =17.4%

Others= 9.3%

No answer =5.5%


Look for the charges of cloud service providers. How much are they going to cost your business? Pricing can be related to the quality of the services provided by cloud service providers. Although low charges look attractive, the benefits in return may not be the best. So, always choose wisely what to settle for. The things you should consider are the packages at the given price, discounts, etc. The attractive service package should be selected according to the needs of your business. Also, go for free trials, making it easy for you to end when you don’t want to continue. 

So, provides you with the best services in a very affordable price range. 


To cut a long story short, keep the above points in mind to get a fantastic cloud partner for your business entity.

We have a customer app marketplace for the customer to choose from various readily available extensions and integration with other apps. Whether you have your own SaaS product or want to sell any existing products, use hastag. Cloud to manage your instances, subscriptions, and billings.

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