SaaS is the new business to invest in

SaaS (Software as a Service) products are gaining more and more momentum. Also known as rentware or subscribeware, a SaaS allows clients to subscribe to centrally hosted softwares. It is the easiest kind of cloud computing. On our main goal is to help you launch your own SaaS product. Your ideas, our tools.  

SaaS business outstanding growth

SaaS products are being more and more used by companies and customers. In we want to give you the best tools to stand out among the competition. In this graph, we can see how the situation changed in the last two years and how it’s expected to evolve in the close future.


As we can see from the chart graph, SaaS market size was $80B in 2018, $94,8B in 2019 and is expected to reach $110,5B by the end of 2020. It is expected to keep growing in the future, reaching $126,7B by 2021 and $143,7B by 2022.

In the next graph we can see the percentage of companies that have been running nearly all their apps (at least 80%) on SaaS in the past years and that are expected to run almost all their apps on SaaS in the close future.

source: GeekWire

As we can see from the chart graph, the percentage of companies that will have most of 

their apps running on SaaS is expected to keep growing, following the trend of the past years. More specifically, that percentage was 51%, in 2019 it was 58%, while by the end of 2020 it’s expected to be 73%. In the future the percentage is expected to reach 75% by 2021 and 78% by 2022.

Top 10 SaaS in 2020

Many of the applications and platforms we use on a daily basis are actually SaaS or SaaS based. Here is a list of the most common and successful SaaS in the market at the moment.

  1. Netflix. The binge watching king is indeed a SaaS. It’s characterized by a model that works on a subscription basis, in which the client can choose between different plans and pay a certain amount of money on a monthly or yearly basis.
  2. Google Docs. We use this free productivity site every day to create and share work or school projects. But what we might not know is that also Google Docs is part of the large group of SaaS. The difference with Netflix is that you don’t need to pay anything to use it. You just need to log-in to immediately have access to a creator of word documents, presentations and spreadsheets.
  3. Amazon. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides its clients with a cost-effective and safe foundation that can be used by anyone to create and share SaaS products to customers.
  4. Spotify. The platform we daily use to listen to our favourite playlists is another example of SaaS. It is a tool that provides two different versions: a web-browser one and a desktop or phone application that can be downloaded for free. The main features that describe Spotify as a SaaS are its accessibility, the pricing model and the fast implementation time.
  5. Zoom. Largely used in the last year due to Covid-19 restrictions, Zoom is a SaaS which provides a user-friendly platform to organize and hold online meetings, classes and conferences.
  6. Microsoft Office 365. Just like other office tools, Microsoft Office 365 is a common SaaS, providing a software product that users can purchase from a cloud service provider.
  7. Salesforce. Salesforce is the largest SaaS company in the world and it’s specialized in customer relationship management. It helps businesses keep track of customer activity, bringing customers and companies together. 
  8. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the second largest SaaS firm worldwide after Salesforce. The difference between LinkedIn and most of the other SaaS companies is that LinkedIn is B2C2B, and not only B2B. LinkedIn’s users share their CVs on the platform and LinkedIn sells this information to recruiters that are also users of the platform.
  9. Gmail. Gmail gives its users the possibility to use the email server it is hosting, by making you access it through your browser-as-client.
  10. Adobe. Adobe successfully managed to evolve its business from a software license one to a cloud-based one.

If your goal is to be on this list in the close future, you can create your own SaaS product on


Well, for what the research tells us, it seems like we won’t be able to say goodbye to SaaS business any time soon. And that’s really good news because if you’re thinking of investing in this new business and starting your own SaaS product, you’re in the right place and at the right time. In you can build and host your own SaaS instance with ease and in just one click. 

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