Smarter SaaS businesses with operational and innovational benefits

SaaS (Software as a service) has brought a revolution to source business applications software. In businesses, it brings quality improvement in operations in a cost-effective manner. Businesses all over the world are shifting to SaaS due to automated updates, no software installation and no expensive hardware investments to host the applications. The SaaS ready cloud-native platforms are supporting businesses by consistent automated management experience and development across public, private and hybrid clouds. So, are you looking to run your own SaaS business with ease? Do you want to build and host your SaaS platform with easy installation? Then you are on the right platform, hashtag. Cloud makes your SaaS businesses smarter with innovational and versatile operational benefits. Not only the management of instances, billing and subscriptions in your SaaS products, we also offer the following exceptional services. 

Smart cloud 

Welcome! to the platform depicting the massive network of cloud applications with reusable components including the application framework, APIs and services. Integrate the readily deployable products into your SaaS business to get the scalable SaaS offerings. Choose the desired SaaS offerings according to your server capacity plan with few clicks. Unlike traditional models, now you do not have to pay extra for software and servers choose your SaaS provider plan on the go according to your businesses requirements. 

Testing software functionality 

There are options for several templates and practices to find the desired SaaS offerings. New release, testing software functionality, smooth migration and package of different instances all are easily accessible. Achieve the parameters of quality of service with free software functionality testing bringing profit in businesses and seamless user experience. 

No infrastructure, no maintenance and licensing

Now there is no need for costly infrastructure, time-consuming maintenance and need for a lot of resources. In SaaS ready cloud-native platform, cloud service providers take care of requirements, maintenance, infrastructure and licensing. The small businesses can not afford IT, support teams, so SaaS cloud-ready native platform provides all resources with easy maintenance and a backup plan. Not only the small but also the large enterprises can utilize these SaaS offerings and can check for practices, software functionality before deploying and cut cost in their businesses. 


With one-click installation, you can build and host your SaaS platform and cloud service provider of own choices such as AWS, Scaleway and GCP. Not only this there is also the flexibility to choose the product from the variety of readily deployable open source products from the marketplace. You can easily get the readily available extensions and integrations with other applications.

Time effective 

Using the cloud-ready native platform reduces the time of software deployment and installation. The cloud service providers and businesses handle even the configuration issues can easily focus on their revenue and profit bringing strategies, and automated IT operations also helps in achieving customer retention. 

Cluster ready Kubernetes architecture

The cluster ready Kubernetes architecture provides cloud controller manager, load balancing, networking and storage configuration with scheduling and security policies. It is a complete IT operational package for SaaS businesses. The API and infrastructure extensions, storage plugins, authentication and authorization defined by Kubernetes architecture makes SaaS businesses scalable and optimized with a guaranteed seamless experience for users. 

So, overall we can say that if you want a smart SaaS business with no downtime, reliability, improved performance, and less cost then choosing the cloud-ready native platform is the best choice. 

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